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'Die Welt'

Größe: Groß 48 "x 30"

Giclée Fine Art Prints auf 380 g / m², Baumwolltuch und glänzend lackiert.

Limitierte Auflage, beschränkte Auflage
Auflage Größe: 200
Mit Echtheitszertifikat signiert

Bitte verwenden Sie die Dropdown-Liste unten, um entweder "Rolled Canvas" oder "Stretched Box Canvas" auszuwählen.

Gerollte Leinwand - Baumwoll-Leinwanddruck lackiert und in eine Tube gerollt

Gestreckt - Premium UK Keilrahmen mit 18 mm tiefem Rand und an der Wand hängenden Beschlägen, ohne Rahmen, Box-Canvas-Stil

Der Preis beinhaltet Porto nach Großbritannien

'Die Welt'

  • Size: Large 48" x 30" ~ Approximately 122 x 76cm


    * NEW 'Rollled with Fittings' option ~ You can now purchase your rolled canvas supplied with the stretcher bars and fittings you need to stretch the canvas yourself or take to a framers for a reduced cost. For a step-by-step guide with photos on how to stretch your own canvas, click here 


    Giclee Fine Art Prints on 380gsm, cotton canvas and Gloss varnished.

    Limited Edition
    Edition Size: 200
    Signed with Certificate of Authenticity

    Please use the drop down below to select either 'Rolled Canvas' or 'Stretched Box Canvas'

    Rolled Canvas - Cotton canvas print varnished and rolled in to a tube

    Stretched - Premium UK pine stretcher bars 18mm deep edge with fittings ready to hang on the wall no need framing, box canvas style

    Price Includes Postage to the UK

  • This painting, 'The World' can be hung either vertically or horizontally. An interesting feature of this painting is the similitude of a face you may be able to see in the painting. This occurred purely through chance, as it wasn’t intended when I picked up my brushes to create this piece.

    My inspiration for this painting was born when, one day in Naples, I took a photo by the side of the road of a bollard with a spherical top and the reflection within. I fell in love with the stunning pattern, and combined with the modern look of the sphere, it struck a chord within me and a spark to create this painting.

    As I started this painting I let my instinct take the lead as my brushes stroked the canvas, rather than using my photo as a reference of precision. Using oils rather than my usual medium of Acrylics, I felt at one with the oils and loved the way they seamlessly blend and move on the canvas in comparison with acrylics. Copper leaf used for the surrounding enriches it with a new dimension, bringing something extraordinary and fascinating for you to enjoy.

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