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My full Russian name is Dina Alexandrovna Perejogina, born in St Petersburg, Russia, in April 1976. I grew up with my mother, a very talented artist, and my brother in St Petersburg. I am following in my parents' footsteps, as I graduated from the St Petersburg Art Restoration school and subsequently became interested in wildlife drawing and painting. In 1996 I moved to the UK and became a British Citizen, and am happily married with two lovely children.

My love of wildlife and fine art has led me to develop a very detailed style of work. I will spend several weeks, sometimes months, on a painting to ensure I capture the intricacy and essence of my subject. I always endeavour to create emotion in my paintings, in the hope that the owners of my work will be moved to smile whenever they catch sight of it. 



My mother and father both studied at same art collage in St. Petersburg, named after Russian painter, writer and philosopher Nikolai Konstantinovich Roerich.

My mother loved poetry, craft, and art. She excelled at the art of painting in the style of the old Masters, particularly through landscapes and animals, but mainly the human form in large classical-style paintings. Her greatest goal was to achieve perfection in painting the complexion of her subjects' skin, working with oils and preparing the canvases in the old Master’s way. Her passion for craft, making clothing and furniture, led her to construct the frames for her own work. She also worked in the university hand-crafting all the posters to a large scale throughout the 1980's and 1990's.


My father used to be an art teacher in Moscow and is still responsible for restoring Russian icon art and churches, along with other important state artefacts, including traditional Russian miniature lacquered boxes and matryoshka dolls. He studied art in Khabarovsk and later in Sholokhov University to become an Art teacher. My Father's passion for religion inspired him to work with churches and monasteries across Russia. He often travelled far to undertake the skilled task of restoring murals, mainly depictions of the apostles, up to 1.5m tall. Often these iconic pieces of art were damaged and restoration included the intricate task of restoring the gold leaf, which requires a high level of skill, patience and dedication. In Moscow and St. Petersburg he was responsible for the restoration of classical icons from the 15th- 19th century in the technical, old traditional style. Not long after retirement, he was honoured to be asked to work on President Vladimir Putin's monastery - a very large restoration project in which he was responsible for restoring the most damaged parts of the ceiling paintings where he had to recreate the apostles.

My brother is a wonderful stonemason and artist running his own business,, working with semi-precious stone creating fireplaces, mosaic floors and sculptures. He studied stonemasonry at the St Petersburg Art Restoration School, where he qualified before taking his first steps through working for a local stonemasonry business. Soon he realised he had the determination, skill and desire to start his own stonemasonry business. Today, after much effort and passion, he runs one of the most prestigious and successful stonemasonry businesses in Russia.


I am extremely proud of my family's achievements, particularly during the difficult times in Russia where art and religion were not the easiest subjects to drive forward.

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